Southwest Wind’s Impact in Miaoli: Short-term Showers and Thunderstorms Forecasted

2023-08-14 13:31:56

Affected by the southwest wind in recent days, there are more clouds in the south of Miaoli. Tomorrow (15) the southwest wind will continue to affect the central and southern parts. There will be short-term showers or thunderstorms in the south of Miaoli. In other areas, it will be mainly thunderstorms in the afternoon, and the future rain is most likely. Falls Thurs., Fri. In addition, there is a chance that more than one tropical system will develop next week, and it is not ruled out that it will affect Taiwan.

Most of the rain today occurred in the south of Miaoli. (Photo/Central Meteorological Bureau)

The Central Meteorological Bureau pointed out that today, due to the continuous influence of the southwest wind, there are more clouds in the south of Miaoli, and there may be short-term showers or thunderstorms, especially in the south, where the rainfall is more obvious and continuous, and there are also short-term heavy rainfall; in terms of temperature, the cloud cover in the central and southern More, the high temperature is 31 to 33 degrees, and the northern and eastern half is 33 to 35 degrees, high temperature and muggy.

The Meteorological Bureau pointed out that tomorrow will still be affected by the southwest wind. There will be short-term showers or thunderstorms south of Miaoli. Other areas will be cloudy to sunny, hot and muggy. There will be some short-term thunderstorms in the afternoon, but the overall rainfall will be sporadic. However, from Wednesday to Friday, due to the influence of the low-pressure belt, the moisture will increase. There will be local short-term showers or thunderstorms in the western half of the country, and there will be a chance of local heavy rains, especially in the central and southern regions. Other areas will also have local short-term showers.

Wed. to Fri. more moisture. (Photo/Central Meteorological Bureau)

The Bureau of Meteorology stated that the weather has slowed down slightly in the two days to the weekend, and the weather is generally cloudy in various places. There are local short-term thunderstorms in the western half of the area and other mountainous areas in the afternoon.

The weather turned fine over the weekend. (Photo/Central Meteorological Bureau)

However, the Meteorological Bureau reminds that after next week, there may be a tropical system developing in the large low-pressure belt, which may affect Taiwan. At that time, more than one tropical system may develop. This explains that because the environment of the large low-pressure belt is unstable, the probability of tropical systems such as typhoons will also increase. High, please continue to pay attention.

(Schematic / Dongsen News)

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