Spahn’s brutally honest corona balance – this is how the economy reacts – domestic politics

Fighting against the roars and whistles of the troublemakers on the Bottrop market square, Jens Spahn (40, CDU) drew a brutally honest corona balance.

The Minister of Health: “With the knowledge that I can tell you today, one would no longer close hairdressers and no retail stores. It won’t happen again. We won’t need to be banned from visiting the care facilities again. “

Means: With today’s knowledge, the lockdown would not have been imposed in the spring.

And: Even if the number of infections increases, Germany will not need a second lockdown.

The Germans had learned “how we can protect ourselves without the need for these measures,” said Spahn. But above all the masks are needed.

Review: In March, the federal government feared an uncontrolled spread of the virus with fatal consequences for Germany. Overcrowded hospitals, a collapse of the health system, tens of thousands dead.

Shops, hairdressing salons and restaurants were closed, and strict exit restrictions were issued. From March 17, citizens throughout Germany were only allowed to visit their relatives in old people’s and nursing homes to a very limited extent or not at all.

It is now clear: The relaxation of the measures did NOT result in a “second wave”. As of yesterday, there were only 235 corona patients in intensive care treatment. The death toll has been low for months. The pandemic is also under control in old people’s and nursing homes.

But while z. In Bavaria, for example, visits to old people’s and nursing homes are possible under relaxed conditions, but strict visit restrictions still apply to nursing homes in Hamburg. A maximum of two visits “per calendar week” for a total of three hours. Even among relatives, the safety distance (1.5 meters) “cumulative per visit” may only be undercut “for a period of up to 15 minutes”. So hug with a stopwatch.

And the economy? She is happy about the Spahn announcement!

▶ ︎ Handelsverband general manager Stefan Genth (57) calls it “good news” that shop closings will not be necessary in the future. “For many retailers, a second lockdown with store closings would no longer be financially feasible.”

▶ ︎ Ingrid Hartges, General Manager of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association, welcomes the fact that “a politician reflects on his decisions so openly and critically”. What applies to retail and hairdressers must also apply to hotels and restaurants.

▶ ︎ In his own party family, however, thanks to Spahn’s brutally honest corona balance, things should crackle. Both Chancellor Angela Merkel (66, CDU) and Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (53, CSU) have repeatedly called for “the reins to be tightened again”.

▶ ︎ FDP leader Christian Lindner (41) gives Spahn a tailwind: “Some time ago, Ms. Merkel spoke of discussion orgies when it came to opening up. Mr Spahn’s words now show how right it is to always question government decisions. “

Charité chief virologist Christan Drosten (48) even called for a further relaxation of the corona: People who are suspected of having an infection should only be quarantined for five days instead of 14.


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