Spanish businessman makes offer for the newspaper El País

The Prisa group reported this Thursday that received Herrero’s offer to acquire its media division, which includes the newspaper El País, suffering from losses in recent times.

This new offer in the world of media, which was produced without being requested, will be evaluated by the Prisa board of directors, which will provide a response “when appropriate,” the group said in a statement.

The company did not reveal the proposed amount, but the press of Spain he estimated it between 150 and 200 million euros (between 175 and 235 million dollars).

“The offer does not include the education business unit”, where the Santillana school book publisher stands out, the group’s main source of income, “does not constitute a public offer to acquire Prisa shares,” the statement said.

Information about the possible acquisition was advanced Wednesday night by some media, which led the regulatory body of the Spanish stock market, the CNMV, to suspend the listing of the Prisa share on Thursday morning to avoid “disturbances”.

Once the offer was confirmed by the group, the CNMV lifted the suspension on the share, which by 2:00 in the afternoon local time (8:00 in the morning, Colombian time) had shot up 17% to 0.84 euros.

Prisa has chained losses in recent years, in which their media have seen their income decrease.

Between January and September, its press division (El País and AS) fell by 26% and the radio division (Cadena Ser and the Colombian Radio Caracol) fell by 38%, mainly due to the decrease in advertising revenues in full pandemic of the new coronavirus.

In Colombia, precisely, a business to sell a media outlet to a business conglomerate has just been finalized: Semana magazine acquired by the Gilinski group.


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