Special allowances for visually impaired students deserve to be further popularized (director of scholarships)

Dakar, August 30 (APS) – The special allowances intended for visually impaired students must be more popularized among potential beneficiaries whose applications are generally all accepted, said Monday in Dakar the director of scholarships Khalifa Gaye.

“Usually for these special allowances for the visually impaired, we do not proceed with the selection. We take all the applications that we receive. Last year, the government offered 18 special allowances for the visually impaired,” Gaye said. .

Mr. Gaye was speaking during an exchange and information meeting to better prepare nine visually impaired Senegalese students, beneficiaries of special allowances, equivalent to excellence scholarships, to follow their higher studies in France.

The director of scholarships insisted on the need to further popularize this state support to visually impaired learners, established in particular in the regions of the interior of Senegal, so that they can apply in large numbers and benefit from these special allowances.

As a general rule, the scholarship directorate validates all the applications received, without it being more than necessary to resort to criteria, according to the director of scholarships.

In total, four new baccalaureate holders, five students including one registered for a bachelor’s degree and admitted to a master’s degree, benefited from this special allowance intended for their support in France and to cover their insurance and transport costs.

They will also receive a monthly allowance of 650 euros (393,000 CFA francs), in order to put them in an environment conducive to studies by providing them with suitable tools.

During this meeting, Mr. Gaye detailed to the students the components of their scholarship, the appropriate modalities and arrangements to be made before leaving for France and the practical arrangements put in place by his services, on site, in Paris.

He recalled that just after the holding of the commission for awarding excellence scholarships, the same body will meet for the granting of special allowances.

He also reminded his interlocutors that a foreign scholarship is suspended as soon as the beneficiary exceeds 30 years or repeats twice in the same cycle. It is also suspended when he changes course or is demoted in terms of his training.

“On the other hand, now, there are specificities reserved for students who sometimes face major difficulties, causing a delay in their training. Which means that we grant them certain privileges. We do not have too many requirements. on repetitions, even if, nevertheless, they do not have to repeat twice in a cycle, ”he explained.

“Our students, once in France, will find on-site the student management service in Paris, which in addition to paying them scholarships, is responsible for supporting, orienting, guiding and monitoring them to make their training more successful” , he explained.

The students benefiting from these special allowances have all magnified the efforts of the State towards them as well as its support, taking into account their disability situation.

“We are grateful for this effort of the government, of the Head of State. We are sure that this support will allow us to reach the end of our dreams”, reacted Oumar Baïlo Diallo, one of the beneficiaries.

This student in the Spanish department at Cheikh Anta Diop University (UCAD) assured the beneficiaries of the commitment to invest themselves as necessary to meet the expectations placed in them.

“We aim, after our training, to return to contribute to the development of our country,” he added.


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