Special Art- An affair between Merva Al-Qadi and Basil Khayyat!

Hadi Youssef

Private sources revealed to Al-Fan that the Lebanese actress, Merva Al-Qadi, participated in the series “The Price”, alongside the Syrian actor, Basil Khayyat.

The source confirmed that the makers of the work did not disclose Merva Al-Qadi, so that the audience would be met with a heavy-caliber surprise in its first episodes, just as the details of the character had not yet been revealed, and the events of the work revolve around a complex love story that everyone pays for.
The series “The Price” is the Arabic version of the Turkish series “And Love Remains”, where the work includes a group of Syrian and Arab stars, most notably Sabah Al-Jazaery, Basil Khayyat, Nicolas Moawad, Razan Jamal, Sarah Abi Kanaan, Rafik Ali Ahmed and many others, and it is directed by Fikret Qazi.

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