“Special heroes”: Dear Angela, dear Heiko, please stay at home and do nothing!

KAnyone can imagine how many old, beautiful concepts of daily life have been sacrificed to the zeitgeist: the ladder and the cold dog, the cavalier and the sex bomb, the hip flask and the summer freshness. “Adultery” sounds like a hernia and when you hear “Backfisch” everyone thinks of a fish sandwich from the “North Sea”.

Only the Automobile Club of Germany (AvD) defies the trend and promotes a car driver to the “hero of the road” every month. Because we have been living in post-heroic times for a long time and the demand for heroes has collapsed as has sales of hula hoops. In “civil society” there is no longer any room for heroes, only for “people with moral courage” who sign resolutions against hatred and xenophobia and demonstrate against climate change.

It is all the more astonishing, downright sensational, when, of all things, the federal government with its video campaign #specialheroes revive heroism.


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