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2023-04-28 19:18:06

Circulation of the racing coupe Toyota GR Supra GT4 exceeded 100 copies, and on this occasion, two special versions were prepared for the Japanese market at once. Their common distinguishing feature is a bright orange body color. The first version is the racing Toyota GR Supra GT4 100 Edition, released in three copies and having additional aerodynamic elements on the nose. The second version is the road-going Toyota GR Supra Plasma Orange 100 Edition: it has black wheels and brake calipers, dark interior trim and a carbon-fiber commemorative plate on the front panel. 100 of these machines will be produced at a cost of $55,800 each.

Following the UK, a farewell version of the Audi TT sports car appeared in Japan, although there it has other features. coupe Audi TTS Memorial Edition (320 hp) has 20-inch bronze-colored wheels, body-color decorative elements (there are three of them to choose from), nappa leather upholstery and a rich set of options. Made 100 copies at a price of 68 thousand dollars. Production of the Audi TT model will be completed this year.

The premiere of the concept car is scheduled for May 9 Alpine A290_b. This is a compact electric hot hatch that heralds a powerful and driving version of the Renault 5 hatchback. To expand the gamut, Alpine put a new meaning into the indexing system of their models: the first digit indicates the size, and the second and third indicate the purpose of the model. The number 10 will remain with full-fledged sports cars (Alpine A110 coupe), and 90 will go to universal cars. But the Alpine A290 serial hatchback is expected only in the fall of 2024.

The Vietnamese company VinFast has begun production of its most compact electric model. hatchback VinFast VF5 Plus debuted as a show car a year and a half ago. It is 3965 mm long, equipped with one electric motor (134 hp, 135 Nm) and a traction battery with a capacity of 37.2 kWh. The power reserve on a single charge is 300 km according to the outdated NEDC cycle, that is, in reality it will be half as much. The price in Vietnam is 458 million dong, that is, 19,500 dollars at the current exchange rate.

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Chery has completed testing of the new crossover Exeed RX in Russia, which are necessary to adapt the machine to our market. It is stated that special attention was paid to the settings of the adaptive suspension and the operation of the car in difficult winter conditions. The start of sales is scheduled for the summer, we will offer the Exeed RX with a 2.0 TGDI turbo engine (249 hp, 385 Nm), a seven-speed Getrag preselective “robot” and all-wheel drive.

Skoda has extended the practice of building student show cars to India. The students of the local academy of the company presented their first creation – an Indian sedan Skoda Rapid, converted into a four-door convertible. The car has a reinforced floor, more powerful B-pillars (rear doors are fixed to them), original front seats (with integrated seat belts) and a new interior trim. There is no roof at all, and of the technical improvements – only a “sports” exhaust system.

Also today we talked about the release of the brand Hongqi to the Russian market and new models DR, Sportequipe, Evo, ICKX.

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