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If there is a constant in the comics of , is that Peter Parker’s life sucks, whether with problems in love, money or a public that believes him more of a threat than a hero. This also seems to be repeated in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU for its acronym in English) with the new trailer for “”(2021), where the arachnid hero is in serious trouble after his identity was revealed to the world at the end of the previous film“ Spider-Man: Far From Home ”(2019).

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But between the emotion of seeing the return of Alfred Molina to his role as Otto Octavious and hear again the laugh of who he is almost without a doubt Willem Dafoe As the Green Goblin, insightful Spider-Man fans have come to realize that the story advances featured in the trailer, in which Peter Parker attempts to regain the secret of his identity by magical means through Doctor Strange (), reminiscent of a famous and infamous saga titled “One More Day”.


Published between late 2007 and early 2008, “One More Day” is a story where Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson make a deal with Mephisto – the equivalent of Satan in the Marvel Universe – to trade his marriage for Aunt May’s life, with the additional stipulation that the identity of Spider-Man, revealed during the Civil War saga, would also be secret again.

Mephisto gives his price to save Aunt May's life: the marriage (and love) between Mary Jane and Peter Parker.  (Source: Marvel Comics)
Mephisto gives his price to save Aunt May’s life: the marriage (and love) between Mary Jane and Peter Parker. (Source: Marvel Comics)

The story was proposed by then-Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada, who maintained that to maintain its relevance over the years, Spider-Man had to go back to its origins. This meant, among other things, eliminate major paradigm shifts like his marriage to Mary Jane Watson, which had lasted since “The Amazing Spider-Man Annual 21” in 1987. For this, Quesada enlisted veteran screenwriter J. Michael Straczynski, who was about to end his time as Spider-Man’s lead writer, with “ One More Day ”becoming his latest project.

To create the crisis, Quesada took advantage of the fact that Peter Parker had recently revealed his identity during the “Civil War” saga, an event where the heroes entered a contest between the group that supports the law of superhero record, with Iron Man / Tony Stark at the helm, and those who reject it, with Captain America / Steve Rogers as the leader.

Peter Parker, initially part of the first group, unmasked himself to give legitimacy to the legislation; And although Spider-Man’s loved ones were found safe at first thanks to the support of government forces, this changed once the spider-hero crossed over to the other side after seeing firsthand the abuses committed by his side. As a consequence, a henchman of his former enemy Wilson Fisk / Kingpin tried to assassinate him in his civilian identity, but the one who was injured was Aunt May.

Peter Parker reveals his identity at the event
Peter Parker reveals his identity at the “Civil War” event. (Source: Marvel Comics)

After asking for help from Doctor Strange and other of the best minds on the planet like Doctor Doom, Reed Richards and even his frequent enemy Otto Octavius, Peter and MJ finally accepted the demonic bargain. The next scene shows Peter Parker waking up in another reality where he was never married, Aunt May received non-fatal injuries and no one remembers his identity.

The reaction from fans was apocalyptic, with complaints about the execution, the premise, characterization of the characters and mainly the fact that it invalidated two decades of Spider-Man stories in favor of a new timeline. To date “One More Day” crown from of the of the .

One of his most surprising detractors was Straczynski himself, who tried to remove his name from the last two “One More Day” titles, before being convinced to back down by Joe Quesada himself.

As an executive producer as well as a screenwriter, I have had to urge my writers to make a change that they did not want to make. That they were sure that I was wrong“, wrote . “Mostly I was correct. Sometimes I was wrong. But anyone who sits in the editor’s chair, or the executive producer’s chair, wears the pointy hat of authority and, as Dave Sim once noted, you can’t contradict the pointy hat.”.

In an attempt to fix the disaster that was “One More Day”, Joe Quesada recruited illustrator Paolo Rivera to launch “One Moment in Time” in 2010, three new volumes that filled the gaps left by the new timeline. Among these, and more relevant to “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, explained how Peter Parker’s identity was once again secret thanks to the intervention of Doctor Strange, who after consulting with Reed Richards and Tony Starks, performs a great spell that erases the memory of this information from everyone in the world. The only ones spared are Spider-Man himself and Mary Jane, after Peter interferes with the magic.

In continuation of
In the continuation of “One More Day”, titled “One Moment in Time”, it is revealed that Peter Parker asked Stephen Strange to erase the memory of his identity around the world. (Source: Marvel)

Echoes of this can be seen in the preview for “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, where Peter’s doubts knowing that his loved ones will also forget his identity and part of their shared memories leads to the apparent failure of the magic of Stephen Strange, causing the apparent crisis of the film. Some more paranoid fans even have speculated that the character played by Benedict Cumberbatch is not the true Sorcerer Supreme, but Mephisto himself, after waiting for the appearance of this character in “WandaVision”.

Regardless, while “One More Day” is still largely unpopular with Spider-Man fans, the event also marked a rebirth for the arachnid hero, with consequences that are still felt a decade and a half later. If the Marvel Cinematic Universe can capture this transformative essence at the beginning of its Phase 4, and give us a film that does not cause fan hatred, it will be something that we will have to wait until its premiere on December 17.


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