Spotify app has another update blocked by Apple in the EU

2024-04-24 21:36:27

A Apple blocked a new app update Spotify due to a violation of the company’s internal purchasing rules App Store. According to the AppleInsiderversion 8.9.33 was blocked because the service was trying to bypass Apple’s payment system.

Therefore, the company’s review team sent an email to Spotify, reinforcing the permission that music services now have to include links or purchase buttons leading outside the app.

To be clear, this right is mandatory even if your application does not include an external link (nor does it require you to provide an external link). However, we will approve version 8.9.33 once you accept the terms of the Music Streaming Services Entitlement (EEA) and resubmit it for review.

This right allows apps like Spotify to use external links, buttons or other prompts to direct users to a purchasing system on a website controlled by the developer, although Apple still earns a commission.

In practice, according to the TechCrunch highlightedthe new version of the app did not include a direct link to subscription plans, but recommended users to visit the Spotify website manually to pay for them cheaper.

Dissatisfied, the Swedish company published a “rant” on X (formerly Twitter) alleging that Apple continued to violate European laws. The statement was signed by the head of public affairs, Dustee Jenkins.

“Apple continues to violate European law”, unfortunately this means that we still cannot provide EU consumers with the information they need and the choices they deserve in our app. Here’s what we mean.

Here is Spotify’s position on refusing the new version of the application:

Despite Apple’s attempts to punish developers with new fees, we remain committed to offering consumers real choice in our app at no additional cost. Therefore, we have sent a new update to Apple. It includes basic pricing and website information — the minimum required by the European Commission decision […]. By charging developers to communicate with consumers through in-app links, Apple continues to violate European law. It is past time for the Commission to implement its decision so that consumers can see real, positive benefits.

This attempted change, announced last month, comes in response to the €1.8 billion fine imposed on Apple by the European Commission for abusing its dominant position in the music streaming application distribution market.

Still in the email sent to the company, Apple informed that it will approve the new version as soon as Spotify accepts the conditions and resends the app for review. Even so, the Cupertino giant was wanted by The Vergebut has not yet commented on the case.

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