Spring Break in Florida – America’s youth ignores corona warnings – Politics abroad

They fight to celebrate their right. Even if this endangers the life of their parents or grandparents.

As in Europe, America’s youngsters have not yet thought of adhering to social distancing. While most senior citizens obey the orders of politicians and doctors and only leave their homes when it is necessary, schoolchildren and students pound the bin like there is no tomorrow.

They throw parties, go to bars and nightclubs, or jostle like sardines on the beaches of Florida. Hurray, the schools (and universities) are closed!

In the USA there is even talk of a “war of the generations”

Trigger: The hashtag #BoomerRemover, which went viral on Twitter.

Boomers are the baby boomers born in the United States in the 50s and 60s. You are now between 50 and 70 years old and belong to the risk group for which the coronavirus can become a life-threatening threat. Remover means remover.

The Wall Street Journal then wrote about the young people who are now throwing corona parties or taking advantage of their extended Easter holidays and the cheap airfare to flee to the sun in Florida: “The young people on the spring break beaches have no historical memory . “

You could not understand the suffering of the 1918 flu wave that killed up to 50 million people.

“Many young people reject allegations that they are selfish. They consider the new social constraints to be disproportionate and unfair to their generation, ”the renowned newspaper continues.

But the data from Italy, the hardest hit country, speaks for itself. According to the National Health Institute there, the death rate for patients between 1 and 29 years of age is virtually zero. Then it rises steadily with increasing age and reaches a peak of 19 percent among those over 90. That means: one in five infected people is doomed to die.

The crux of the matter, which leads to the war of the generations: Young people can become infected just as easily as older people and pass the virus on – even if they have mild or no symptoms.

Epidemiologists now believe that students’ refusal to adhere to social distancing will derail any attempts to keep the infection curve flat. Potential Consequences: Tens or hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths.

However, numerous interviews show that America’s “millennials” are still unwilling to temporarily shut down their social lives. The number of parties has exploded around the closed universities.

Especially in Miami, the party continues. Interviews show what makes the young Americans tick there.

“If I get Corona, that’s the way it is,” said student Brady Sluder (23) from Ohio to the Reuters news agency. “That doesn’t stop me from partying.”

Brianna Smith (21) from Wisconsin said: “That messes up my spring break vacation. What else can you do here than go to a bar or to the beach? Now they want to close everything. That is completely exaggerated. “

“I came to Miami from New Orleans,” says Ni Smith (23), who drove with three friends in a golf cart along Ocean Drive, known from the Miami Vice series. “Besides, it’s my birthday. I won’t let that screw me up. “

And Atlantis Walker (21), who flew from Indiana to South Beach: “This virus is not a real crisis. There are worse things in the world like hunger and poverty. We should take care of that. “

Regarding the order from Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis to close all bars and nightclubs in the Sunshine State for 30 days, she said, “Then they should give me my money back.”


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