SRF Interview Interruption: Michelle Gisin and Wendy Holdener Achieve Top Results in Killington

2023-11-27 09:42:17

SRF reporter interrupts interview with Michelle Gisin and causes laughter

SRF reporter Ellade Ossola wants to interview Michelle Gisin after her first run in Killington. But the journalist herself causes an interruption – even Gisin is amazed.


Michelle Gisin appeared for an interview on SRF after her first slalom run in Killington. After just a few seconds, RSI reporter Ellade Ossola causes a funny incident.

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Michelle Gisin finishes a strong sixth place in the Killington slalom. It’s not just her good performance that’s worth talking about, but also an interview with Gisin, which caused laughter. RSI reporter Ellade Ossola, who also worked for SRF, interrupted her own interview in a strange way. Wendy Holdener achieved a breakthrough in Killington with third place in the slalom. She appears emotional in the interview after the race.

During the North American races in the Ski World Cup, RSI journalist Ellade Ossola conducts interviews for SRF in the finish area. After her strong first run, Michelle Gisin also appeared for an interview at Ossola.

“Yesterday you said you found the right flow in the giant slalom, is that again in…” Ossola begins her first question, only to then interrupt herself with a croaking interjection that cannot be described in more detail. In the episode, Ossola himself sticks his head into the camera, swipes a piece of paper back and forth and then starts the interview again. The fact that the part with the interruption was also broadcast was probably a glitch at SRF.

It is not clear exactly why Ossola caused the interruption. But it didn’t bother Gisin. The all-rounder is amazed at first and then has to laugh out loud. And after the good first run, Gisin can even go one better for the second run. The 29-year-old moved up from 10th to 6th place and achieved her best result so far this season. She was last ranked better in the slalom in March 2022. Back then, Gisin finished on the podium in Are.

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Holdener emotional

Meanwhile, another Swiss woman made it to the podium in Killington: Wendy Holdener. She has had a complicated season so far and has fallen far short of her expectations. An eighth place in the slalom in Levi was her best result of the season so far. In the giant slalom on Saturday, Holdener was disappointing with a final 23rd place, but in the slalom the button clicked: “The last two weeks were difficult, a lot of things took away my energy. I’m extremely happy that I’m back so quickly and that I’ve found the trust,” explains Holdener in an interview with Ossola after the race.

After the first run, Holdener was still in fourth place, but despite skepticism he managed to get onto the podium: “I was a little nervous because I didn’t like the course setting in the second run as much as in the first run.” In the interview, Holdener also thanks her team and the people who support her from home: “I shed more tears than last year.”

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