“Star Académie”: an emotional start!

Touching and exciting. The first variety of “Star Académie” on Sunday at TVA brought tears to the new academics (and ours), showcased local music and set the bar high for the 11 other Sunday varieties. to come up. All that was missing was a frenzied audience …

The evening began on a solemn note, as the 21 finalists at the gates of the adventure sang, in canon, excerpts from the old theme songs of “Star Académie”, before naturally continuing “Now and everywhere. », Their new hymn, which will quickly be remembered. You will have to wait until Wednesday, February 17, to download the dapper melody of Jérôme 50, Hubert Lenoir and Julyan and listen to it on repeat.

Followed a medley on the theme of love, Valentine’s evening obliges. Gregory Charles (singing teacher) and Yannick Nézet-Séguin (artistic identity teacher) on pianos,

on which were projected a thousand patterns, the candidates distributed in space, we revisited

“When you only have love”, “Unchained Melody”, “Aimer d’amore”, “You Can’t Hurry Love”, “I Will Love Again” and other “Higher Love”.

Everywhere, it sang, it danced, it was having fun with the camera, and at home, we wanted to jiggle with this jubilant youth. And the artistic director Mika, present virtually, had the honor of closing the “medley”, on the immortal “The hymn to love”.

Later, the guests Laurence Jalbert, Louis-Jean Cormier, FouKi, Les Sœurs Boulay, Corneille, Alaclair Ensemble and Laurence Nerbonne joined the rising stars to feast with them to the sound of “Quand on est en amour”, “Tout le monde at the same time “,” Sky “,” I dream “,” If your heart beats “,” Happiness “,” The family “and even” It feels good “, by Fiori-Séguin, in a tone of union and hope.

And, always, in a hyper polished scenography worthy of the greatest productions which hardly let shine outside, the COVID floats in the air. At the end, Patrice Michaud, him, created an intimate atmosphere by unveiling his new single “Origami” and “Lean on Me”, while the young people ensured the choirs around him.

Quickly, in the festive opening number, we had a twinge of heart. Because we can hardly imagine the fireworks that would have set the MELS studio ablaze if there had been an audience in the studio. He obviously lacked that energy, that je ne sais quoi that only a crowd and their cries can instill. But, on the flames side, the smiles of the future Academicians and their shining eyes made up for it.

They were also beautiful to see, our new darlings, to encourage each other, to play the choristers for their colleagues and to sincerely rejoice in their happiness, when one of them was assigned an Academician’s chair and that he was promised a seat on the “Star Académie” bus, which left for the now famous Waterloo school at the end of the gala. Eyes full of tears, explosions of joy: there were many moments of pure emotion.

One of the selected participants, Maëva Grelet, strongly announced that she will give affectionate nicknames to her comrades, while Olivier Faubert, as one of the elders of the “family” (at 28), s ‘is already self-proclaimed big brother of the troop.

This beautiful motley band of talented, dynamic young people, of different looks and origins, that we will follow all winter, already had beautiful inspiring messages to convey. Like Rosalie Ayotte, who said she was happy to be celebrated as she is, a bit coated and shaved head, and who hopes to motivate other girls with atypical physique to follow their dreams.

In the entertainment, we discovered a natural, relaxed and perfectly authentic Patrice Michaud with his new friends from the Academy, moreover in excellent control of his (immense) set. A little nervous, but oh so endearing, our man let slip a slip or two, which only made him more human. “I have a blank … But it just came back!” It’s the joy of live! ”, He said without stress after a blackout, at the end of his discussion with the“ Star Académie Squad ”(Mélissa Bédard, Mathieu Dufour and Pierre-Yves Roy Desmarais, already hilariously funny, and certainly one to watch in the coming weeks).

We especially fell in love with Michaud’s reassuring and enveloping way of supporting the candidates as they were announced their entry to the Academy, he who multiplied the “my man”, “my handsome”, “my great” and ” ma belle ”with regard to his proteges.

It was finally the professors of artistic identity Marc Séguin, Yannick Nézet-Séguin and Anne Dorval who had the privilege of revealing to Guillaume Lafond, Jacob Roberge and Meghan Oak that they are continuing the “Star Académie” journey this year.

The daily “Star Académie” will be broadcast starting this Monday, February 15, at 7:30 pm, on TVA.

They were chosen by the public …

Guillaume Lafond – 25 years old – Richelieu

Now proud representative of country at the Academy, Guillaume Lafond has bet on “Tennesse Whiskey” to defend his place and seduce the public and teachers, and repeated “Amen!” and “Thank you!” upon learning that viewers had chosen him. The photos of his grandfathers stuck in his hat apparently brought him luck. “I think it smells like whiskey in the studio, congratulated Ariane Moffatt after her performance. This style is your essence (…) it’s contagious! ” Until now, Guillaume worked as a technical director for a college performance hall, and he offered shows on a cruise ship.

Jacob Roberge – 22 years old – Lévis

The shy Jacob’s reaction was oddly touching, when he learned that the people at home had voted him the second winner in the popular vote. He burst into sincere tears and collapsed on the ground thanking Quebec and its loved ones. Jacob had opted for a piece much older than him, “I Want To Know What Love Is,” by Foreigner, to show the extent of his talent. “I love you!” Declared a Lara Fabian won over to the young multi-instrumentalist, after the latter’s interpretation.

Meghan Oak – 23 years old – Coteau-du-Lac

Already semi-professional singer Meghan Oak lost her words when it was announced that she was getting her Academy pass. “I promise you won’t regret it! I promise you infinitely! ”Repeated the one who had propelled her version of“ Titanium ”, of Sia, earlier in the show, to show what wood she was heating herself with, swearing that she was going to work well, according to the advice from his teachers during his stay in Waterloo. Earlier at ‘Selection Camp’, the faculty had touted Meghan’s perfect technique, pointing out her emotional weaknesses.

The rest of the 2021 cuvée

Rosalie Ayotte – 20 years old – Saint-Tite

William Cloutier – 25 years old – Victoriaville

Annabel Oreste – 20 years old – Laval

Dashny Jules – 20 years old – Montreal

Olivier Faubert – 28 years old – Montreal

Queenie Clément – 29 years old – Montreal

Charles Kamoun – 27 years old – Quebec

Lunou Zucchini – 25 years old – Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu

Zara Sargsyan – 16 years old – Montreal

Matt Moln – 21 years – Lévis

Shayan Heidari – 20 years old – Montreal

Maëva Grelet – 19 years old – Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu


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