Star Académie’s Sarah-Maude presents her artist name and it has a touching meaning

The singer and candidate for Star Académie 2022 Sarah-Maude Desgagné presented her new artist name last week: Lyxé.

The one who is from Amos explained that she would now use this name for all of her artistic career.

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So don’t be surprised to see publications appear under the name Lyxé if you follow Sarah-Maude on Instagram, since she made the official change there, as announced to her fans on May 15.

The one who went very far in the Star Academy adventure explained the touching meaning of her choice. This is her birth name, which was later changed to Sarah-Maude when the artist was adopted. “When I was little, I told my parents that when I was older, I would change my name to have my birth name haha! It’s the best of both worlds, I can now have my two names.

Originally from Haiti, Sarah-Maude has already confided that she dreams of one day returning to her country of origin to get to know this culture better.

To see Lyxé in full performance:

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