Star Forward Erling Haaland Officially Signs With Nike, Becomes Brand’s Newest Footballer

Manchester City star striker Erling Haaland Recently officially signed Nikejoining Kylian Mbappé, Marcus Rashford, Cristiano Ronaldo and Kevin De Bruyne as the latest footballers to sign with Nike.

Erling Haaland’s recent performance is obvious to all. At only 22 years old, he is not only the fastest player to score more than 30 goals in the history of the UEFA Champions League, but also the youngest player to score 30 goals. He is undoubtedly a super star in football.

Fans who follow him can actually see that he has been wearing adidas, PUMA, and Nike shoes in turn, and seems to be deciding which sports brand to join. This time it is finally confirmed that Erling Haaland will become Nike’s future in the football market. Important indicators, interested readers may wish to continue to pay attention.

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