“Starting to couple YouTube” Male celebrity who revealed his girlfriend’s face

Below is YouTube ‘Nutritional Couple’

Comedian Kim Soo-young started YouTube activities with her girlfriend.

On the 24th, Kim Soo-young uploaded a video titled ‘Introducing comedian Kim Soo-young’s girlfriend’ on his YouTube channel.

YouTube, nutritional supplement couple

In the released video, Kim Soo-young said, “I started YouTube because I like camping.” “My girlfriend is an ordinary person, so please send me positive comments rather than malicious comments. I will show you dating through camping and daily vlogs.”

On this day, Kim Soo-young went camping with her girlfriend to Wonju, Gangwon-do. Kim Soo-young boasted, “My girlfriend is really good at cooking,” and said, “When I go home after a schedule, she makes delicious food saying what she wants to eat.”

Netizens who saw this commented, “My girlfriend has a cool personality, so she’s attractive”, “They get along so well”, “Your girlfriend’s beauty is like a celebrity”, “Your girlfriend is so pretty”, “The two of them camping together. It’s nice to see,” etc.


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