StartSelect: 10% more credit on App Store and iTunes cards

Don’t bother paying full price for subscriptions to Apple services or in-app purchases: StartSelect is once again relaunching its promotional operation which allows you to obtain 10% credit on App Store and iTunes cards.

For the purchase of a €25 card, StartSelect passes on an additional €2.50, or €27.50. The 10% bonus is similar for a card sold for €50 (we leave with €55) and a €100 card on which we scratch €10 more. The €15 card is not affected by the offer. The addition of additional credit is automatic on the Apple account after entering the card code.

The offer, to be found at this address, is valid until February 28 inclusive. Please note that App Store and iTunes cards cannot be used to purchase devices or accessories from the Apple Store, only digital content or subscriptions.

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