State party conventions of the SPÖ Vienna and SPÖ Tirol

The Viennese SPÖ is holding a state party conference in the Messe today. The state chairman, Mayor Michael Ludwig, will stand there for re-election from around 1,000 delegates. A speech by federal party leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner is also on the agenda. The major event was originally supposed to take place in 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic caused two postponements.

The motto of the Vienna Party Congress is “Resolutely go the way of Vienna”. It starts at 9:00 a.m. In view of the number of applications, a discussion on transport projects such as the Lobau tunnel and the city road is also expected.

There aren’t any major conflicts within the party, but there are some in city politics. A rally by project opponents in front of the exhibition hall was also planned. At least there it was forbidden. Peter Filzmaier analyzes the situation of the Viennese parties.

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Dornauer is standing for re-election

A regular SPÖ party conference is also taking place in Tyrol today. Georg Dornauer, who has headed the Tyrolean state party since March 2019, will be voting again in the district capital of Schwaz. Most recently, he had achieved 85 percent of the votes. Then as now there was no opposing candidate.

According to party information, around 250 delegates are expected at the party conference. The program also includes the selection of the 39-year-old as the top candidate for the state elections at the beginning of next year. The state party executive had unanimously proposed Dornauer at the beginning of May.

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