Staticlone – Flexi II –

by Oliver
on February 7, 2023
in EP

New year, new Staticlone-Short format – this time even with a whopping three songs in just under six minutes: The Ex-Blacklisted-Trio goes with the limited to 250 pieces Flexi II continue on the previous path.

With small steps, George (guitar, vocals), Dave (bass, vocals) and drummer Jeff are getting closer and closer to the ideal line of their crusty d-beat hardcore, even if the young band of veterans admittedly still lacks that certain something – instead of themselves Impatient to be confronted, however, one can build on the long-cultivated loyalty in scene listeners (and here in this respect on the fan glasses-related renewed upgrading between the points in the final rating).
Well, it’s certainly the bandwidth of accessibility on which Staticlone growing under the electron microscope of the genre: a snappier song than (which celebrated it almost too extensively at over 3 minutes) The Mirror have Staticlone not written yet. Heavy and clumsy, almost doomy, the threesome drives a crisp, scratchy groove to a throaty, rumbling one High on Fire-in the punk mode mood, moodily stretches the hook, and even has (exceptionally recorded by Arthur Rizk) guest singer Justin DeTore (of his character et al Sumerlands and Dream Unending– drummers as well Innumerable Forms-Boss) an Bord.
Also the Assel The Ghost (which cranks with whirling drums, sprints to superspeed as a catchy riff-hunt like drone-) and the even more compact rumbling one The Glass Tiger Mask, in which the band once again effectively and urgently distils their energetically beating toxicity, are nasty to the ear – only symptomatically lack the unconditional sustainability that it takes to really (and finally) get involved in the well-deserved front row. (Next year it may be that time – but then, promised at this point, also with stricter value standards).

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