Steam “Autopsy Simulator” experience the horror of the coroner hitting the ghost, the official recruitment closed test | 4Gamers

The greatest charm of video games is that everything in the world can be simulated. If the reality is unable to experience the work of a coroner, then “Autopsy Simulator” can more or less fill your desires and give you extra horrible surprises. .

“Autopsy Simulator” is a new simulation game released by Woodland Games last year. After more than a year of development, the official recently announced that players will be open to register for the Playtest closed test.

According to the official description, this game is a simulation game with horror elements. In the game, the player can inspect the corpse, and the player can determine the cause of death based on the inspection result.

The player plays the role of a pathologist named Jack. During the autopsy of the mysterious woman, Jack found the engagement ring of his long-lost wife Kate in her body. In order to reveal the truth, Jack had to confront the weird evil spirit and his own thoughts.



In other words, “Autopsy Simulator” has a general autopsy process and horror puzzle gameplay. Although the game has no timetable for launch, it has been scheduled to support Traditional Chinese. Interested players can go to the Steam store page to request Playtest test access. right.


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