Stellar Odyssey exhibition moves to Dubai in February 2023

Since the inauguration of “The Stellar Odyssey” at Watches & Wonders in March 2022, Dubai
had to be the first stopover of this tour in major world cities.

More concretely, the exhibition will be held in a pavilion which will seem to float on the waters of the Dubai Mall fountain, with the Burj Khalifa in the background.

« The millennial cultures of the Middle East were true precursors to the development of the first methods of measuring time. We are therefore delighted that Dubai is the first city to host “The Stellar Odyssey”. This is the perfect opportunity to trace the unbroken thread of the exceptional millennial heritage in which the innovation of our house for 190 years and the work that we carry out today has been part of. explains Catherine Rénier, CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre.

An anthology of historic timepieces selected from among the Manufacture’s most remarkable, presented alongside the latest models inspired by the firmament, such as the Atmos clock or the Reverso Hybris Mechanica Caliber 185 watch, the exhibition is completed by multi-media installations which take visitors on a journey through the cosmos.

If it translates the marvels of the celestial vault into artistic installations and multisensory experiences, the Atelier d’Antoine, which takes its name from the founder of the house, Antoine LeCoultre, transmits watchmaking know-how through practical educational workshops. on the theme of the stellar odyssey.

Within the same pavilion, the exhibition “The Stellar Odyssey” explores in eight chapters the universe
creative and cultural watchmaking inspired by astronomy. At the very beginning of their journey, visitors
discover the very origins of time, the influence of celestial phenomena on the way we
measure it and the beginnings of JLC’s expertise in the creation of astronomical complications. The following five chapters each highlight a different cosmic phenomenon, illustrated by rare historical watches as well as models from the latest collections.

At the heart of the main pavilion, under a geodesic dome, an immersive digital show takes
visitors on a virtual odyssey through time and space. They will discover the mysteries of
cosmos in five episodes, exploring the infinity of space and some 13.7 billion years,
origins of our universe to the present day.

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