Stéphanie Bédard looks back on her difficult childbirth and shares a first photo of her daughter

It was revealed earlier this week that Stéphanie Bédard had given birth to her first child.

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Indeed, the artist welcomed a little girl, Rémie Dugré, on February 17th.

Since then, Stéphanie Bédard has spoken on her Facebook page to give a little more detail on the birth of her baby. She shared a beautiful photo of her baby by her side, in addition to revealing that she had had a rather difficult delivery.

She worked for 27 long hours before being able to see her… The new mother is currently still resting to regain her strength, but rest assured, her daughter is doing very well!

She is also very well surrounded, because her lover and her mother watch over the well-being of her little one and hers.

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Here’s what she had to say.

“There you go!

Our daughter, Rémie, was born on February 17 at 11:25 p.m. after 27 hours of hard work.

Our beautiful Shrimp is healthy, she fought very hard. It bodes well for this warrior born on a stormy night and a Full Snow Moon. She will know how to defend herself in life, I’m confident.

On the other hand, for the sake of authenticity, on my side, it was and is even more difficult today. But I’m fine. I take neck sniffs from the most beautiful of the beautiful and I lean on my wonderful boyfriend and my mom when it’s tougher. Besides, I couldn’t be more grateful to be so well surrounded…

So. On the menu: rest and sweet celebration of a new life that is beginning.

We wish mom a speedy recovery!

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