Stop Al-Haili and punish Al-Ittihad? .. Professionalism settles the Shrahili case

Today, Wednesday, the Professionalism and Players Conditions Committee completed a hearing on a complaint youth club; Against the background of Al-Ittihad contract, with international defender Ahmed Sharahili.

Andthe Union Last January, he signed the international star Ahmed Sharahili, the heart of the defense of the first football team at Al Shabab Club, after officially entering the free period.

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However, the Youth Administration, headed by Khaled Al-Baltan, submitted a complaint to the Professionalism Committee; It accuses the dean and his officials of “negotiating” with the international defender, before entering the free period.

In his complaint before the Professionalism and Players Conditions Committee, Al-Laith demanded against Al-Ittihad Club and Ahmed Sharahili, a set of official decisions in his favour. As follows:

Financial compensation from Al-Ittihad and Sharahili, amounting to 21 million riyals.

– Preventing the union from signing contracts for “two registration periods.”

Shrahili suspended for 6 months.

– Suspension of the president of the federation, Anmar Al-Haili, and its CEO, Hamed Al-Balawi.

A fine of the player’s agent, 500,000 riyals.

* Behind the scenes of the hearing in the Al-Shabab case against Al-Ittihad and Shrahili.

In this context, press reports revealed that the Professional Committee did not find any strong evidence from Al-Shabab against Al-Ittihad.

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Reports indicated that the player’s audio clip, which the youth relied on in his complaint; It was a very casual conversation.

She explained that Ahmed Shrahili He said with “the one letter” in the audio clip: “I need the money.” Without any evidence, that he signed or negotiated with the Federation, before the free period.

The youth claimed that the audio clip he presented; Shrahili’s announcement includes the agreement with the federation, before entering the free period of his contract with the youth; Due to his need for the huge amount of money, provided by the Dean’s Castle.

For his part, the sports journalist, Adnan Justiniyeh, commented on the refusal of “professionalism” to recognize the audio clip submitted by Al-Shabab Club.

Justinia said in a tweet via his account on the micro-blogging site “Twitter”: “I still adhere to my previous opinion .. the relevant committees in the Football Association, will not deal with malicious complaints, which contain recordings.”

The sports journalist stressed that the concerned committees refrain from dealing with audio recordings in the cases submitted to them; It is due to her unwillingness to open a door that will not be closed in the future between the clubs.

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