Stores also go to court to force reopening | NOW

Retailers’ association INretail is going to court to challenge the forced closure of stores. The trade association announced this on Friday. According to the organization, which stands up for the interests of, among others, sellers of clothing, shoes and sports equipment, stores can open safely because they take sufficient measures to prevent corona infections.

Since mid-December, non-essential stores have been compulsorily closed, which of course has a major impact on sales. The association previously announced that it was considering going to court, but the association wanted to wait for the press conference on Tuesday. The only relaxation that retailers have received this week is that they can now receive twelve customers per hour. That is not profitable for many stores.

“It is economically irresponsible to wait any longer,” said INretail. “Shops are also open again abroad. The closure was an extra aggravating measure in the ‘very serious’ scenario and is now disproportionate. The cabinet has now scaled the situation to ‘serious’, thanks to reduced infections.” According to the association, the stores showed last year that they have protocols with which they can guarantee safety in the stores.

INretail reports that 56,000 stores are currently closed. “That costs 700 million euros in turnover per week and of the 300,000 jobs, 50,000 to 60,000 will be at risk if this continues. There is a threat of demolition with enormous social and economic consequences. the trip.” It is not yet clear when the lawsuit is due, but probably in the short term.

Earlier this week, the catering association KHN also decided to go to court to force reopening. Restaurants and cafes have been closed since October last year. A group of catering entrepreneurs has also announced that they will open the terraces again on Tuesday 2 March, even though they do not have permission from the cabinet.

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On Friday, Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) said that due to the relaxation announced on Tuesday, for education and hairdressing, among other things, there is no more room for more relaxation.


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