Stories of soccer players: Franco Navarro confesses that he has a new love for Cuto Guadalupe | VIDEO | Cuto’s Faith |Qatar 2022 | SPORTS

louis guadeloupe receives the affection of all the national fans who came to Doha to encourage Ricardo Gareca’s team to see it. In one of his tours, the popular ‘Cuto ‘ was found in Qatar con Franco Navarro, who confessed one of his best kept secrets.


I have a luxury guest, who I have come to meet here in Doha. To my coach, you know that I love you very much, I will always tell you and that with you I have enormous gratitude, now I come to find you here accompanying the national team”, counted ‘Cuto ‘ when starting the chat with the popular ‘Pepón’.

We have come out of such difficult situations, since it was my turn to direct you, a friendship and a reciprocal, mutual love have been born. You two are number one in selling smoke. Now we are in Doha waiting for the most important day in recent years, which fills us with so many sensations”, counted Franco Navarro.

Franco Navarro did not keep any secrets with Luis Guadalupe (Photo: GEC)

Fan supported Franco Navarro with a new girlfriend

The popular ‘Cuto’ opened the comments on networks and the fan Alex Cuya commented on his encounter with the popular ‘pepon‘ in Barcelona with your new partner. “A pleasure to meet and take a photo with number 9 of the ‘Red Devils’ of Avellaneda, in the restaurant of Gaston Acurioin Barcelona, ​​a crack”, Wrote fanatic what alerted the host of ‘La Fe de Cuto’.

I have never been to a Gastón Acurio restaurant, when I grow up I want to go”, Cuto joked and automatically asked him about his companion in that place and the DT confessed that he was living a new romance “Yes. I was with the girlfriend“, revealed.

Franco Navarro: “Her name is Susana”

What’s your girlfriend’s name, you haven’t introduced her to me. I just want you to tell me what her name is‘”, I ask Cuto with avid curiosity. “Let’s not start… (laughs). That’s fine, I’m going to tell you what it’s called, so you stop asking me. susana is called”, confessed the popular ‘pepon‘, blushing.

Susan, a kiss. I’m going to have the pleasure of meeting you. Look at my teacher, his eyes shine. That is love, there is nothing like love”, Guadalupe commented surprised by the new spring of his former coach.

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The DT recognized his good moment. “I’m at my weight, but no hair because of you. The ‘Crazy’ Deza, Roberto GuizasolaJunior Ponce y Juan Angel Flores”, recognized the coach who accepted the invitation to participate in the program of his former manager in Juan Aurich and in Leon of Huanuco.


Meanwhile, Cuto Guadalupe was the special guest of the YouTube program La Banca de Jesús Alzamora, where he referred to his estrangement from his nephew, Jefferson Farfán.

“These are internal things that are in the family, I speak because I feel like it, so that people know how things are, it is not because he has disrespected me in a way, no. It is a situation that happened to the family, where there was emotional damage and there is my mother. So, while something like this happens, people have to learn to apologize, but not by phone, not send someone, but sit down and look him in the eye and be honest “manifested Luis Guadalupe.


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