Strange video .. Someone wakes the star “Elissa” from her sleep to ask her this question that will shock you!! (Watch the video)

It’s 02:40 a.m.
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Accounts on social media circulated a video clip, which they described as strange, in which the Lebanese singer Elissa appeared while she was sleeping in her bed, while someone woke her up to ask her about the date of the new album.

In the video, Elissa appears asleep while the videographer wakes her up, saying, “Elissa, the album, when?” To reply to him, surprised, “What is the album? Aren’t we having a party?”

As the question was repeated, Elissa said: “No, it’s not early, and there is no claim, anyway,” and then continued, “At a time when he slept after a while?”

One of them criticized the idea of ​​the video, saying, “Who has this clever idea? Who wants to convince us that this scene is spontaneous? It is Alos. If someone goes to the stage and takes a picture with her, you can do a sham and forbid him to repeat it again, and I hope that you will save us. She began to allow someone to miss her and Nayma in the room to ask her about the album, unless you treat this thing to the Tik Tok group.”

In another clip, Elissa also appeared while she was eating in bed, so the videographer asked her: “What did Elissa eat before the party?” To respond to him by showing a plate of ice cream.

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