Strépy-Bracquegnies drama: what do cousins ​​Paolo and Nino now risk for having killed 6 people?

A murder investigation is ongoing. The goal of justice will be to “know exactly why the perpetrators acted this way”, explained the public prosecutor of the arrondissement of Mons, Ignacio de la Serna, this morning on Bel RTL.

CCTV footage is chilling. We see the group of Gilles and their loved ones advancing in step, rue des Canadiens. It’s 4:48 a.m. In the back, exposed to the madness of a speeder returning from a nightclub, young people, relatives. Then 6 minutes later, a car passes at an unbelievable speed for the small street. It’s the black BMW of Paolo F. A speed lover who doesn’t hide it on Facebook. He is then in the company of Nino N., his cousin.

Car electronic data analysis

The investigation continues this morning. “We have a specialized team which comes this morning and which will examine the vehicle with a magnifying glass and in particular all its electronic components, since we are lucky to have a fairly new vehicle which contains these components and which will be able to explain a lot of things”, he detailed. In fact, these “will allow to know what was the speed of the authors, if they braked or not, why did they continue, etc.” For the hypothesis that the saloon’s anti-collision device has been disconnected, “It’s still a bit early to tell”notes Mr. de la Serna.

Toxicological analyzes

Depending on this information from the experts, the investigating judge may clarify or reclassify the facts. “The prosecution has placed the case under investigation by the murder count, but the investigating judge remains free to take another qualification and she will do so according to the elements that will be available: part of the examination of the vehicle, the hearings of the authors, some testimonies and images from the surveillance cameras”detailed the Attorney General.

Other information that should be in his possession during the day: the toxicological analyses. According to the breathalyzers right after the do, one came back positive “for one of the people who was apparently not the driver. But it still needs to be checked. It was a first breathalyzer. What is important is the blood test and I asked that everything be checked, not just alcohol but all drugs” like ecstasy, further explained the magistrate.

Who was really driving?

Several questions remain unanswered. Did they intend to kill? “What is still very surprising is the speed and the lack of braking”, he notes. But also and above all who was driving? “We have a precise idea but everything is also checked to make sure that they have not changed at the last minute since the vehicle stopped 600 meters, including much further than the first impact. work to verify that the one believed to be the driver was indeed that one.”

The two men were heard yesterday at the end of the day, but that did not make it possible to obtain an explanation of the facts. They did not put up any resistance during their arrest. If the charge of murder is retained, they risk a trial in the Assize Court and therefore the extremely heavy penalties associated with it.

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