“Strong chances of heading towards a white season” in amateur football according to the Belgian Union

While the specter of a white season hangs over amateur football, the crisis meeting held on Tuesday at the Union Belge did not lead to any decision. We therefore play the waiting card on the side of the ACFF, Voetbal Vlaanderen and the Belgian Union.

A scenario announced Monday evening by ACFF president David Delferière. “Experts say that on January 22 there could be some openings. The Union Belge crisis committee should therefore say that we are waiting after the 22nd to have definitive news. Beyond the 22nd, it seems difficult to me to reschedule a season, ”he declared at the microphone of BX1 before this meeting.

Skepticism around the resumption of competitions confirmed via press release by the Belgian Union on Tuesday afternoon. “We can see that the resumption of amateur competitions scheduled for mid-February 2021 is compromised given the current conditions and the evolution of the pandemic. If the health situation does not improve in the short term, there is a good chance that we are heading for a blank season in amateur football. URBSFA is closely monitoring the situation and the decisions of the consultation committee in this regard. “

The URBSFA crisis unit will meet again on January 25, 2021.


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