(Strong observation will know) This child who was in the arms of Cinderella Soad Hosni became a famous artist.. When he grew up he insulted Muhammad Ramadan and the leader Adel Imam was re-acclaimed.! !

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Activists circulated a rare picture of the artist Karim Abdel Aziz from childhood, while he is in the arms of Soad Hosni.

Egyptian artist Karim Abdel Aziz recalled his first artwork with Egyptian artist Adel Imam and artist Soad Hosni, when he was three years old.

Karim Abdel Aziz, said during his meeting on the “Sahranin” program, which is broadcast on the satellite channel on e, that he is a 3-year-old innovator in acting.

With the artist Adel Imam and Lebleba, he also played a role with Adel Imam, Soad Hosni and Saeed Saleh in the movie “The Suspicious”.

He added, “I was a child, and I did not understand the need, and Adel Imam and Saeed Saleh understood that we are gang workers and we are coming to roar,

And I say the words of Goh Al-Shot and Al-Shut Al-Shut. He continued: “The film is one of the greatest films of cinema… If I were aware that I would be similar to these names at that time.”

The artist, Karim Abdel Aziz, revealed the reasons for his lack of media appearance, saying that he was wrong about his lack of media appearance, but he does not know why he is staying away from programs and social networking sites,

He said: “I do not know, by God, why am I saying… But maybe because I am not the type of person who likes to go out and say I ate what and drank what, and what do you love to do, I love to talk about movies.”

He added that the first person who encouraged him to enter the field of social networking was director Marwan Hamed during the work period in the first part of the movie “The Blue Elephant”.

He said: “He said I don’t have Instagram, I told him that I only have 7 or 8 followers. It was private and he didn’t say anyone about it.. So he said, ‘I don’t do such and such and it started spreading.'”

insulting mohamed ramadan
The artist, Karim Abdel Aziz, commented on the nickname “Number One”, which the star Mohammed Ramadan calls himself all the time.

Karim Abdel Aziz said during his honoring symposium at the 43rd Cairo Film Festival, that he and the children of his generation were brought up in schools

They are respected in art and know their limits well, pointing out that previous generations supported them, which is what they are doing now.

Karim Abdel Aziz said, “We did not have the idea of ​​Number One… you make a movie and present it to people, and you hope that they like it and make revenues, and once again your colleagues achieve revenues that are the world like this.”

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