Students protest in Madrid for “crowds” in face-to-face exams

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Madrid, Jan 29 (EFE) .- A little more than fifty students have demonstrated this Friday in front of the Rectorate of the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) to denounce that they are being “forced” to take face-to-face exams, where they are seen “Exposed” to “crowds” and it is “impossible to respect the safety distance”.

The students criticize that both the universities, the Ministry and the Ministry of Education have decided “in closed-door meetings” that the exams should be face-to-face, despite the fact that the students “are afraid” of catching the coronavirus and “are the ones who suffer the consequences ”.

This is what Laura, one of the students who attended the concentration, called at 2:00 pm by the Open Assembly of the UAM, has told Efe, who denounces that most of them are having to take exams in classrooms “with bad or no ventilation, overcrowded and without maintaining even a meter of distance ”between colleagues.

Miguel expresses himself along the same lines, who claims to have witnessed from crowds in the corridors to exams “in classrooms without windows, lack of personnel to control and totally collapsed accesses.”

To this is added that in the waiting times they cannot stay in the green areas, which are sealed, like most libraries. “There are only a few coffee shops open, and many of them are a zulo,” he says.

Added to all this is that most of them are “trainees or precarious workers” and “cannot afford” to abandon the exam alleging “lack of security”, because “they would have to pay another tuition, and it is unaffordable for many.”

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The protesters have carried banners in which messages could be read such as “No to face-to-face exams: Castells and the rectors put our health at risk”, “Face-to-face exams = intubate your friend” and “Safe evaluation”; and they have read a text in which they claim “to be able to decide.”

In this sense, Laura criticizes that “the teachers have not even been listened to”, because many have told them that they wanted the tests to be telematic, “but they have not been allowed to change it”.

On the other hand, it is ugly that the Universities did not take advantage of the Christmas break to organize it. “Classes can be distance learning, but exams can’t, and that doesn’t make sense,” he sums up.

Irene is a law student and the author of the photos that were published this week on social networks and that show “crowds” in the exams, which has led to numerous complaints and has opened a debate on these calls.

He tells Efe that the young people felt “anguish” before going to the exam, and “fear” when they arrived and saw that “everything they had feared: crowds and unventilated classrooms.”

At his side, Raúl, a Philosophy student, says that they are manifesting “because the UAM has been totally undemocratic” and has shown that “some are interested in reputation and excellence”, but not in the “health” of the students.

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