Students vs. Boca, SUSPENDED after Javier Altamirano had seizures

They were 26 minutes in when the punctured midfielder was left lying on the ground: they immediately noticed that he was having seizures and was taken away by ambulance. Minutes later, the captains agreed with Echenique not to continue the game.

One of the most attractive matches – at least in the run-up – of matchday 11 of the Professional League Cup had to be suspended due to an unfortunate event that occurred on the playing field during Estudiantes-Boca. Just over 26 minutes into the first half, Chilean Javier Altamirano fell on the ground out of nowhere, suffering from decompensation caused by seizures.

The Estudiantes and Boca doctors immediately entered the playing field and understood that the ambulance had to take him immediately: for a few minutes, uncertainty took over the UNO Stadium, both on and off the field, and while Altamirano was taken to a clinic near the stadium, the game was suspended momentarily.

Echenique, the referee, spoke with the captains and coaches of both teams to see the steps to follow and for a few short minutes, everyone went to the locker rooms. There, Estudiantes players learned that the Chilean was already better, conscious and stabilized. Even so, it didn’t take long until the judge called the players back, mainly to find out Estudiantes’ position: Little Prince Sosa recognized that the conditions were not met to continue and then he suspended the match right there.


The Estudiantes doctor’s report on Altamirano’s condition

Hugo Montenegro, Pincha’s doctor, provided details after the scare caused by the Chilean player.

Students vs. Mouth. Hugo Montenegro – Student Physician of La Plata


Altamirano will remain hospitalized in intensive care

The footballer was subjected to studies that “did not yield negative results”, but he will remain at the Platense Medical Institute to be monitored in the next few hours.


The word of Eduardo Domínguez after the suspension of Estudiantes-Boca

The Estudiantes coach spoke after what happened with Altamirano: “There are things much more important than a soccer match. The squad is moved, although Javier Altamirano is now stabilized.”

Students vs. Mouth. Eduardo Dominguez



Echenique called the captains and coaches once again: José Sosa expressed Estudiantes’ concern for Altamirano and his family, and the referee decided to suspend the match.

Students vs. Mouth. Fernando Echenique suspends the match


The voice of the stadium informed the public about Altamirano’s condition

From the loudspeakers of the UNO Stadium they informed Estudiantes fans what happened to Altamirano and warned that he is feeling better and is being cared for.

Students vs. Mouth. the voice of the stadium communicates that Altamirano is controlled


Altamirano is “well and conscious”

The information that Estudiantes players have in the local locker room is that the Chilean soccer player is “conscious, awake and being cared for.”


Echenique called the captains and coaches

The match referee spoke with Cavani, Sosa, Diego Martínez and Domínguez to see how to continue in the face of Altamirano’s uncertain situation.

Students vs. Mouth. Fernando Echenique speaks with the captains


The Boca players retire to the locker room

Without an official decision from Echenique, the Xeneize footballers left the playing field. The Estudiantes team remains next to the local substitutes’ bench.


PT 26m: Altamirano convulsed and match stopped

The Estudiantes footballer was left lying on the ground and immediately had to be treated by doctors and taken by ambulance.

Sensitive images: the moment of Altamirano’s decompensation in Estudiantes vs. Mouth


PT 22m: Yellow for Lema

The 2 brought down Altamirano in the middle of the field and now the two Xeneize center backs have a card.


PT 13m: First situations for Boca

Xeneize surrounded Mansilla’s goal for the first time in the match: first Zenón had it after a prepared play from a corner, and 30 seconds later Medina scored with a half turn, demanding a great reaction from the Pincha goalkeeper.

Students vs. Boca: Kevin Zenón’s header


PT 8m: Yellow for Valentini

Sosa escaped from the Boca center back on the wing and Valentini had no choice but to grab him by the shirt.


PT 3m: Students arrived again

Cetré received it wide open on the left and faced towards the middle: he took a powerful shot from outside the area and the ball went to the side of the post, moving the net to the outside.

Students vs. Boca: Edwin Cetré’s chance


PT 1m: First arrival of Students

José Sosa grabbed a rebound from Valentini and scored a good shot that went close to Brey’s post. He warned Pincha one minute into the game.

Students vs. Boca: José Sosa’s shot


THE MATCH STARTED! Estudiantes and Boca play in La Plata

Match underway at UNO, for date 11 of the Professional League Cup.


Good vibes between Rojo and Enzo Pérez

The Boca defender and the Pincha leader hugged each other in the preview.


The eleven of Estudiantes to return to victory

Matías Mansilla; Eric Meza, Federico Fernández, Zaid Romero, Eros Mancuso; José Sosa, Enzo Pérez, Santiago Ascacíbar, Javier Altamirano; Javier Correa and Edwin Cetré.


Boca’s eleven to seek victory in La Plata

Leandro Brey; Luis Advincula, Christian Lema, Nicholas Valentini, White Lautaro; Luke Blondel, Jorman Campuzano, Christian Medina, Kevin Zenon; Luca Langoni and Edinson Cavani.


In search of recovery

Although they are in third place in the area with 18 units, the truth is that Estudiantes stumbles into the duel with Boca at home: they come from three defeats in a row, of the consequences the most recent – and painful – was the final of the Super Cup with River (1-2). Still with the after-effects of the comeback he suffered in Córdoba, Eduardo Domínguez gave no sign of the team and will wait until the last moment to recover his best soldiers.

Reference talk: Enzo and Sosa with Meza (Fotobaires)


Boca, facing a key duel for the fight above

After the frenetic 3-2 against the Academia in La Bombonera a week ago, manages to win in La Plata this weekend. In addition, you will have the prize of getting into the top four.


Brey, facing his first chance as a starter

Xeneize will have the youth goalkeeper in goal due to the injuries of Sergio Romero and Javier García. It will be the third time that he saves but he has never done so before as a starter.


Everything ready in the blue and gold locker room

Xeneize published a photo of Medina’s jersey number 36 waiting for the arrival of the players for the duel with Pincha.



The data of Students vs. Boca, for the League Cup

The data of Students vs. Boca, for the League Cup

  • Time: 21
  • TV: ESPN Premium
  • Referee: Fernando Echenique
  • Stadium: UNO – Jorge Luis Hirschi


The history between Boca and Estudiantes

They faced each other in 220 games:

  • Boca won 114 times
  • Estudiantes won 53 times
  • They tied 53 times

Last match: Estudiantes 3-2 Boca, for the semi-final of the Argentine Cup (11/22/23).

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