Successful Launch of Kuaizhou-1A and De-3 A to E Satellites: Providing Commercial Remote Sensing Services

2023-08-14 08:20:02

Five stars with one arrow!Kuaizhou-1A and De-3 A to E satellites were successfully launched to provide commercial remote sensing services

At 13:32 on August 14, my country used the Kuaizhou-1A launch vehicle at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center to launch 5 satellites including the Hede-3 AE satellite into space. The satellites successfully entered the predetermined orbit, and the launch mission was a complete success. . Published by Xinhua News Agency (photo by Hu Xujie)

At noon on August 14, my country used the Kuaizhou-1A carrier rocket at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center to launch five satellites including Hede-3 A to E satellites into the sky with one arrow and five satellites. The satellites were successfully sent into the predetermined orbit. The launch mission was a complete success.

Hede No. 3 A to E stars (also known as Jiaotong No. 6 to No. 10 satellites) are networked satellites of the traffic VDES satellite system developed by Beijing Hede Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd., mainly for the integration of “land, sea, air and space” transportation security system. The traffic VDES satellite system is the basic guarantee for maritime intelligent shipping communication, marine situation awareness, and intelligent ocean detection, and can provide global coverage of satellite Internet of Things communication services and aircraft supervision services in the navigation field. It will become the “Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) )”important parts of.

The Kuaizhou-1A carrier rocket that carried out this launch mission is a small solid carrier rocket launched by Aerospace Science and Industry Rocket Technology Co., Ltd. under the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, mainly for 300 kg low-orbit small satellites. The launch service has the characteristics of high flight reliability, high orbital accuracy, short preparation period, less support requirements, and low launch cost.

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This mission is the 22nd launch of the Kuaizhou-1A solid launch vehicle. (Reporter Song Chen)

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