“Sulaf Fawakherji” celebrates a happy family occasion and sends a touching message to her son.. What is the story? | art

2023-06-27 20:21:33

The Syrian actress, Sulaf Fawakherji, sent a message of thanks to her son, Ali Wael Ramadan, after he took the preparatory certificate exams, referring to the seriousness with which he dealt during the school year, stressing his sense of responsibility that he was respected.

Fawakherji showed, through her account at the top of “Instagram”, a group of photos that she collected with her son Ali, who appeared embracing her, and in another photo it was shown the presence of the artist Wael Ramadan, and their eldest son, Hamza.

And the Syrian artist wrote: “Every time we think about when we finish a stage or they can, that we will be relieved, that we will finally be saved, but there is no such thing as we have finished and we have rested, and there is nothing called finally, because every day is a new beginning, and whoever wants to succeed must know that his destiny is not resting.”

In particular, Fawakherji wished success to all those who took the preparatory certificate exams, after their studies under these difficult circumstances, describing them as heroes who enlarge the heart.

Fawakherji concluded her post, thanking and supporting her son, Ali: “Ali, thank you for everything. Your sense of responsibility is respected. Your seriousness in studying. You live the results, not us. We love you and support you to the end of the universe only.”

For his part, the artist, Wael Ramadan, expressed his pride in his son Ali after completing his examination, wishing him success.

And Ramadan wrote on “Facebook”: “And this is how the ninth grade exams will be completed. Thank you, Ramadan, for every effort you made. I am proud of you and a lot. Thank you, Madam Rana, for everything you did for the sake of your children, and thanks for the breakfast that was good, like your heart and from your heart. Good luck.” For every ninth and baccalaureate student.

On the artistic level, the artist, Sulaf Fawakherji, is awaiting the presentation of her new series, “Mal al-Qabban”, which deals with a new realistic hypothesis that simulates the current situation in the Syrian society, and the crises that people suffer from.

It is worth noting that Bassam Koussa, Sulaf Fawakherji, Hala Ragab, Yamen Hajali and Khaled Al-Qish co-star in the series. It was written by Ali Wajih and Yamen Al-Hajali, and directed by Saif Al-Din Subaie.

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