“Sultan-heartthrob”: Pavel Priluchny has radically changed his image – Russian women en masse are asking to join his harem

2023-11-16 20:40:30

Pavel looked like a Turkish Sultan

Actor Pavel Priluchny appeared in an unexpected image, sharing new photos on social networks. Fans didn’t even recognize him because of the changes in appearance.

The actor, who had been made up, could only be recognized by his famous tattoo on his neck in the form of a barcode. Now fans know what he would look like if he were filming in Turkey.

“I took part in a funny comedy series in the style of the comic book “DestructionZhanna”. I have a very unusual character there. How do you like the image?” Priluchny wrote on social networks.

In the photo, the actor was photographed with a thick black beard and a turban on his head, resembling a Turkish sultan. His fans wrote that they would like to become part of Priluchny’s harem, writes the Central News Service.

Previously, we reported that Priluchny’s wife Zepyur Brutyan hinted at a second pregnancy.

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