Summary of the match Rayados vs. FC Juárez (3-0); league three wins

In a pending game Matchday 5, Rayados thrashed FC Juarez 3-0 as a venue prior to Classic Royal 127which they arrive with three wins in a row from the hand of Victor Manuel Vucetichwho recently returned to the club.

With this result those led by The king midas climbed to sixth place with 15 points, while those of Ricardo Ferretti they are in the 16th step with eight points and are still last in the percentage, after seven consecutive games without winning.

The first half was for the royals, who had better scoring options, but a good performance by Hugo Gonzalez prevented them from taking the lead before the break, while the rival did not take a shot on goal.

those of Juarez City They warned at minute 11 with an appearance of Matthias Garcia in the area, but his shot went wide of the arc of Stephen Andrada.

Hugo avoided the goal of the gang on a couple of occasions; first, at 17′, with a shot from Maxi Meza that the goalkeeper leaned back well to send a corner kick, same situation at 25′, but now with a shot from Vincent Janssen.

At minute 26′ it was the post that prevented the goal at BBVA. It was at 26′ when Stefan Medina he rose up in the air and took a header that hit the far post to the scare of González Durán.

Fernando Arce left the Chihuahuans at a numerical disadvantage, after a sweep with excessive force that meant the red card after being reviewed in the VAR by the central referee and that triggered a strong scolding from the DT Ricardo Ferretti.

Hugo’s night with the people was not good, since they booed him every time he touched the ball; they yelled at him ‘hands guangas’; they sang to him ‘come see him, that’s not a doorman, he’s a bitch… from a cabaret; and even ‘Hugo eats it’.

And although he had a couple of good saves, at 47′ the goalkeeper from Juárez gave a rebound to the center of the area that Rudolph Pizarro took the opportunity to open the scoring after a shot from Toro Janssen.

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The second fell 63′ through Joel Campbellwho makes a great individual play in the area and takes a shot before Hugo González exits.

Janssen He had put the third of the night, but the VAR annulled it for a hand.

As well a penalty was denied to the Gangagain with the intervention of the VAR, since the whistler had scored a hand, but after seeing the video, he rectified his decision.

It was not until 91′ when the win was recorded with a goal from Alfonso Alvarado, Who’s birthday is this March 15.

Monterrey’s next duel will be against Tigres next Saturday, March 19 at 7:00 p.m. in the University Stadiumcorresponding to Day 11, while Bravos visit Tijuana on Sunday 20 at 9:06 p.m. at the Caliente Stadium.

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