Sun, micro bikini and transparencies: Vanina Escudero was more powerful than the summer

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January 20, 2021 23:00

The dancer Vanina Escudero in a video with a sensual micro bikini and the shining sun, won the admiration and applause of all her followers.

Sun, micro bikini and transparencies: Vanina Escudero was more powerful than the summer

Vanina Escudero She is an expert in causing a stir every time she decides to publish audiovisual material on an official Instagram account.

Since the beginning of the year, the model did not lose footing for a single minute to share with her followers from photos with her two children and her partner Alvaro Navia to intimate images showing her spectacular body.

The 39-year-old dancer, already settled in Uruguay, He stole all eyes again with an impressive storie on social networks on the verge of censorship.

In this opportunity, Vanina Escudero was recorded with a peculiar microbikini (tiny), an elegant hat and an explosive tan next to a river in Uruguay. Silvina Escudero’s sister, gave her best profile to summer and enjoys hot days in the middle of January.

“Happy day for Everyone” wrote the blonde in the video while dancing to the rhythm of the music and making provocative looks.

The dress and the enviable figure of the model, did not take long to reach the fans who went crazy for the video of Escudero. The publication of only 24 hours was viral and instantly hundreds of compliments reached the private chat highlighting her impressive look.

It should be noted that social networks are one of the main sources of income for her, very often she uploads photos advertising a brand or recommending products for her followers. On Instagram he has already got more than 600 thousand followers, in the post he has around 8 thousand likes and of course the verified account.

On her back and in (unhidden) colaless, Silvina Escudero hit the summer where it hurts the most

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