Sunrise is trying to revive itself by becoming the “main brand” ahead of UPC

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Sunrise plays it underground.

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Sunrise plays it underground.

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Sunrise plays it underground.

Expected at the turn, Sunrise unveiled its new positioning on the Swiss market on Thursday. The American operator obviously has long teeth and aspires to become much more than a telecommunications provider. As his rates show, he better focus on his core business!

Instead, Sunrise launches a new logo that does not convince and obviously the communication campaign that goes with it. More money wasted on the backs of subscribers and loyal customers, including the undersigned, who are once again faced with ever more complicated and necessarily expensive pricing.

Always the headache

The future customer must in fact add up countless tariffs to find out what his mobile, fixed Internet, TV, etc. will cost him, taking care not to forget the various combination discounts. Sunrise, which likes to compare itself to Swisscom (without having the stature or the means) gets away with it here with flying colors! A true champion of complexity.

“We are approaching the most important step in the integration of Sunrise UPC. Sunrise becomes the lead brand, and Sunrise Up is the first fully integrated offering under the new unified brand. We thus offer our customers significant advantages, while gaining market share”, indicates in a communiqué André Krause, financier and CEO of Sunrise UPC. Not easy to follow… Let’s remember the desire to earn more money. Still and always.

UPC reste UPC

And on land? From May 23, Sunrise will enter the market as the main brand of Sunrise UPC with a new graphic line and a new symbol called “Aurora”, according to uninspired advertisers. In parallel with the redesign of the Sunrise brand, the visual identity of MySports will also be overhauled (at great expense?).

Finally, for commercial customers, the main brand “Sunrise” will carry the complement “Business”. And finally, existing UPC customers will be able to continue to pay for their current products and services under the UPC brand, and will also be able to choose the other brands of the group.

Let’s not forget that the management of UPC, that is to say Cabelcom, is always present! If only Sunrise did its job first…


Below are the prices, without aspirin…

La brochure Sunrise 2022.

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