Sunrise UPC and Salt “good” and Swisscom “sufficient”…

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Which internet provider?

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Which internet provider?

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Which internet provider?

The Swiss Institute for Quality Testing (SIQT) has once again evaluated the internet offers of 13 national and regional internet service providers. Surprise, the top three are iWay, Green and Quickline. Sunrise UPC and Salt have to settle for 4e et 5e places, while Swisscom with its score described as “sufficient” comes 9e

The top seven, i.e. with Wingo and VTX achieve scores between 4.9 and 5.3, earning them a “good” rating. Behind, Yallo, Swisscom, Teleboy, M-Budget Mobile, Monzoon and TalkTalk do not exceed 4.4 to 4.7, which earns them the assessment of “sufficient”, according to this web page.

What was assessed

SIQT says it chose four differently weighted categories. To begin with, the prices (50% of the total value), the scope of the offer (20% of the total value), transparency & comfort, i.e. the indication of prices and the quality of the website (20% of the total value). Finally, customer service by telephone (10% of the total value).

At this stage, we can already see that tariffs have a predominant weight. One can therefore wonder how this weighting key was chosen. What would be the impact if we moved the sliders of some of these categories, for example to give more weight to customer service…

The method under the magnifying glass

The method used is also detailed on the SIQT website. The services in the categories “prices”, “scope of the offer” and “transparency & comfort” have been analyzed by experts. Telephone customer service was tested by trained, masked testers. Each supplier’s telephone customer service was tested five times.

Finally, if we look at the “detailed” results on the website, we see once again that Salt is the only major operator to stand out. It thus arrives at the top of the ranking devoted to prices. Sunrise and Quckline are coming their way 3e for the scope of their offer. To meditate.

L’international SIQT

According to its website, the Swiss Institute for Quality Testing is part of an international group present in Germany, Austria, France, Poland and Portugal. This company believes that it “aims to help consumers in their decisions through objective analysis. And we help companies to improve their products, their services and the quality of their advice and services”.

On the French site, we learn that “the company Pro-Conso France comes from a line of Institutes of consumer studies across Europe, active for more than a decade. The Society for Consumer Studies ( was founded in Germany, expanding first to Austria ( and Switzerland (, then to the Netherlands. , in Poland, in Portugal, and finally in France”.

Xavier Studer

Operator Evaluation
1. way 85,3%
5,3 | Bon
2. Green 84,1%
5,2 | Bon
3. Quickline 82,9%
5,1 | Bon
4. Sunrise 80,7%
5,0 | Bon
5. Salt 80,4%
5,0 | Gut
6. Wingo 79,4%
5,0 | Bon
7. VTX 78,0%
4,9 | Bon
8. yallo 74,2%
4.7 | Sufficient
9. Swisscom 73,0%
4.7 | Sufficient
10. teleboy 71,9%
4.6 | Sufficient
11. M-Budget Mobile 71,7%
4.6 | Sufficient
12. Monzoon 69,4%
4.5 | Sufficient
13. TalkTalk 68,3%
4.4 | Sufficient

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