‘Supa’ Honey J’s ‘raw shrimp cracker’ snack preparation… Gaby “genius chef” admiration

‘Supa’ Honey J showed off his extraordinary cooking skills.

In the tvN entertainment program ‘Do not harm X Supa’ (hereafter ‘Sufa’), which was first broadcast on the 27th, Monica, Honey J, Aiki, Lihei, Hyojinchoi, Gabi, Noje, and Rijeong were looking for the abandoned house. Painted.

On this day, Honey J made a snack called ‘Raw Shrimp Cracker’ using dried shrimp that the remaining members of the abandoned house were hungry. Ri Jeong helped Honey J fry shrimp next to Honey J, and Honey J gave a tip, saying, “The key is not to put too much fried dough on it so it’s delicious.”

Rijeong, Gabi, and Hyojinchoni, who tasted the raw shrimp crackers, were impressed by the crispy taste of the shrimp. Gabi exclaimed, “It’s really delicious. Where the hell did the idea come from?”

At this, Honey J shuddered, saying, “Isn’t the original tempura delicious even if you fry your shoes?” Hearing this, Gabi smiled and said, “He’s a genius chef. How about Chef Honey?”

On the other hand, tvN’s entertainment program ‘Do not harm X Supa’ is a program in which the national dancers go on a journey to find their true character. It airs every Thursday at 11:10 pm.

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Photo l tvN broadcast screen capture

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