“Super Mario Party Superstar” launched in October, including past hundreds of mini games | 4Gamers

Nintendo released the latest work in the “Super Mario Party” series “Mario Party Superstars” (Mario Party Superstars) at “Nintendo Direct E3” today (16).

The gameplay of “Super Mario Party Superstar” is the same as in previous dynasties. It uses a gameplay similar to “Monopoly”. The four previously robbed each other and earned gold coins and stars. The one with the most stars wins.

This time, five boards of the N64 version will be included. Of course, these boards have also been completely remade with modern technology. In addition, they also include all the past dynasties, a total of more than 100 mini games, and additional social functions such as stickers. “Super Mario Party Superstar” supports offline or online connection.

“Super Mario Party Superstar” is expected to be exclusively launched on Nintendo Switch on October 29, and the digital version is currently open for pre-order.


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