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With the scandalous separations that the China Suarez she always has with her partners, it is nothing new to know that some men who stole her heart at the time do not even want to see her today. The actress had Rufina, her first daughter with Nicholas Cabre who was with Eugenia Tobal when he messed with the famous and eternal third in discord.

Even though the China It didn’t end very well at the time Nicholas, today they have an excellent relationship and they even show up as a family when they have to do something for Rufina. Such is the case of that time they went to school together to enroll her so that she could start together with her brothers.

Everyone will remember that fleeting romance that China had with David Bisbal and with whom he went to spend a few days in the old continent, something that did not bother him at all Cabré who understood that the mother of his daughter had the opportunity to live a great love and he accepted it with great pleasure.

recently the China he had to re-install himself in Spain, but for much longer due to labor issues. and it is that, the actress was recording with Álvaro Morte a great production that will surely be a success. It was then that the rumors of an annoyance on the part of Cabré They didn’t take long to appear.

Recently in dialogue with Clarín, Nicholas Cabre He broke the silence and denied everything: “My daughter had the chance to be in beautiful places and I was going to say no? The only thing I want is for my daughter to know everything, to live everything, to tell me”.

And closed: “With technology we talked every day. There is nothing I like more than being with the mother, with the grandmother, with her siblings. I have a truly beautiful relationship and that is spectacular for Rufus and for us too. Being able to laugh, have fun, support each other; It’s my family. And if they put that I was angry about something, they were lying.”. What a good ex!

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