Supporting Hardik Pandya: Rising Above Criticism Towards World Cup Glory

2024-04-15 06:26:55

Mumbai’s batting coach Kieron Pollard has defended skipper Hardik Pandya, who is receiving a lot of criticism and ridicule in Mumbai Indians’ consecutive defeats. Pollard said that cricket is a team game, so there is no point in blaming Hardik and in six weeks, these jibes will turn into shouts.

Hardik is also a man who will represent the country in the World Cup in six weeks. All of you will be cheering for him and wishing him to perform well when the time comes.

You need to develop yourself as a person. With age comes responsibility. I see a person evolving. As individuals we want to see certain things. But sometimes the game doesn’t demand certain things.

I am sure that fans’ current attitude towards Hardik will change in the T20 World Cup. “My heart says that if he gives his best performance for India in the World Cup, I can see everyone applauding,” Pollard added.

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