Surprise Visit by TV Star Elton at German Women’s National Team Training in Australia

2023-08-01 08:31:58

By: erik peters and robert schreier (currently in australia)

The motto for our game on Thursday against South Korea (12 p.m., ZDF live) is probably “embarrass or collect”…

Surprise visit for our World Cup women at morning training on Tuesday in Wyong, Australia: TV star Elton (52), who became famous with the quiz format “Blame or collect”, suddenly drives up in a BMW SUV. National coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg runs to him and greets him. Then he first looks at the unit in the St. Pauli jersey. A little later he gets a blue training jacket from the DFB, which he puts on.

blood drama! Hospital! 150 km/h ball smashes face

Those: MLB via SNTV 01.08.2023

BILD asked Elton: Is the game against South Korea under the motto “embarrass or collect”? He replies with a laugh: “South Korea will be embarrassed and cash in on itself. They will make a fool of themselves and concede a lot of goals.”

But what connection does he have to the German women’s national team?

Elton: “The Wolfsburg team was supposed to play against a team from ‘TV total’ in the past. But that didn’t work. That’s where the first connections were made, especially with Alex Popp.”

Lena Oberdorf shows a lot of feeling for the ball with her head in training

Photo: Sebastian Christoph Gollnow/dpa

He already wanted to come to England for the European Championships last year. Elton: “But I didn’t have time. But then said, ‘I’m coming to Australia.’”

The players didn’t believe him. Elton: “That gave me even more incentive to fly here.”

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Born in Berlin, he will stay until the round of 16, after which he has to be back in Germany for work.

Elton considering not traveling to Brisbane for game…

He was already in the stadium at 1:2 against Colombia – but brought no luck. He jokes: “I’m considering coming to Brisbane for the South Korea game at all. Or if it’s 0-1, I’ll just leave the stadium and Germany will still win.”

What does he trust the DFB girls to do? “Of course the world champion title.”

He explains: “The cohesion is just there. What used to be said for the men: It’s a team – that’s actually the case with the women now. Even after the defeat against Colombia they are so positive and in such a good mood. That is exactly what a team needs.”

The moderator is totally taken with women’s football: “What you used to think, women’s football is boring and slow, that’s not the case at all. On the contrary! I find women’s football much more attractive than men’s football at the moment. The men stop 50,000 times. The women get up immediately, fight and toil. Maybe more bad passes will be made, but in terms of play and speed, it has nothing at all to do with women’s football from before.”

How will our World Cup women progress on Thursday?

The top two of the eight groups of four qualify for the round of 16.

With a win, the team of national coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg (55) is sure to progress. Even first place is still possible if Morocco defeats Colombia. In the event of a tie, the better goal difference counts first. In a German draw against South Korea, Morocco must not win against Colombia.

Even if the DFB women lose to South Korea on Thursday by a maximum of four goals, they are through – if Morocco loses to Colombia.

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