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An ultra bike perfect for survivors at the end of the century!

At ROBO.SYSTEMS in Russia, a two-wheel drive off-road motorcycle with ultra-thick tires “2X2 ULTRA BIKEIs made. 1kW 48V in the middle of the tireHub motor back and forthBecause it is loaded in, it can produce a total peak power of 2 kW, and the maximum speed isabout 48kmYou can run with.

Video: Robotechnic/YouTube

Can run while generating electricity with liquid fuel

At the bottom of the car is a 1.8kWh LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) battery. 1 hour full chargeAbout 64kmCan run the distance of, with a waterproof case-60 degreesWithstands the cold.Power bankYou can also charge your smartphone and supply power to power tools.

And the part that usually corresponds to the gasoline tank is used by pouring fuel800W generator..If the battery runs out, it will generate electricity, and if it runs out of gas, it will be about 23L.Red tankYou can replenish from. It’s too strong.


Quickly turn into a personal watercraft

Tires with low air pressure2 re-constructionIt is said that it has become.Optional elongatedFloatIf you stick it to both sides of the bike,55kgThe weight of the car will float on the water. Tires take the place of webbing, so I think it can be done on the water.In that case5km/hIt is a story that it will proceed in about.

The ultimate survival bike

“2X2 ULTRA BIKE” is the cheapest model$ 1,990 (about 257,300 yen)INDIEGOGOIfAbout 231600 yenIt is possible to invest a little cheaply.Anyway, it seems to be fun and it is a cool one, but after the destruction of humanitySuitable for survivors to rideIt’s a feeling. If you run while generating electricity with sunlight or wind power, you can reach the ends of the world.

Source: YouTube, Instagram, INDIEGOGO via ROBO.SYSTEMS via NEW ATLAS

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