Suspension of National Championship due to Heavy Rains: Impact on Colo Colo’s New Reinforcement

2023-06-25 17:49:26

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The heavy rains that resulted in the State of Catastrophe caused the suspension of several duels, including one for the National Championship. The situation harms the Cacique, who still cannot register his new reinforcement.

© JOSE ALVUJAR/PHOTOSPORTThe registration of Óscar Opazo in Colo Colo continues to take time.

Colo Colo had to face Unión La Calera this weekend for the Quarterfinals of the Regional Phase of the Copa Chile. The duel was suspended due to the water cut, which the Metropolitan Region was going to suffer, which finally did not happen. Of course, the State of Catastrophe and the conditions due to the rains in different areas of the country meant that different matches had to be rescheduled.

This Sunday starting at noon Huachipato and Magallanes were going to face each other. The commitment for the date 12 of the 2023 National Championship was scheduled for this weekend, but the climatic conditions forced to suspend it. This scenario once again opens up a complication for Colo Colo, since by not finishing the first round of the National Tournament, teams cannot register their reinforcements.

Óscar Opazo and a redebut with Colo Colo that will have to keep waiting

In the first instance, the transfer market was going to open after the duel between Universidad Católica and Universidad de Chile, to be played on June 28. The big drawback is that on that date, the Acereros will play their Copa Chile match against Deportes Temuco. This way, the commitment that faces them against Manojito de Carnations will have to be after Wednesday.

So, the match could be rescheduled for next weekend (July 1 and 2). But, on those dates, the Copa Chile matches would also be rescheduled, including Colo Colo’s. In this way, and if said event occurs, Óscar Opazo will have to continue waiting for his redebut with the Cacique shirt, this because he will not be able to be registered.

Let’s remember, that This Thursday, June 29, the Albos will have to face Deportivo Pereira in a duel that they are bound to win. Torta will not be able to say present either, since the squads that participate in the international tournament will only be able to register new players from the next phase.

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