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Sussex in England: Marvel at the chalk coast – at your own risk

160 kilometers of coastline and 1900 hours of sunshine a year (560 hours more than the British average) – the historic county of Sussex is known as the Riviera of England. And as the cradle of the monarchy: in 1066 near Hastings, a village in East Sussex, the Anglo-Saxons were defeated by the French Normans, who after their victory Romanized language and customs, religion and nobility.

The epochal slaughter is re-enacted every year at the “Battle of Hastings”. In 2016, on the 950th anniversary of the decisive battle, the Knight Festival was particularly splendid. But the royal family, which had only changed their name from Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to Windsor in 1917, shone with absence.

Her predecessor on the throne, Georg IV. From the House of Hanover, was completely different: he loved the South Downs with their seas of hills, cliffs and flocks of sheep and had a summer residence built in Brighton in the style of an Indian palace. The Royal Pavilion now attracts half a million visitors annually.

The i360 observation tower in Brighton is 173 meters taller than the London Eye

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Brighton at all! With the Brighton Palace Pier (pier from Victorian times), the gay pride parade, the Brighton Festival (second largest cultural festival in the country) and the new i360 observation tower (it is 173 meters higher than the London Eye), the seaside resort on the English Channel is considered the coolest City in the kingdom. And West Sussex? A theater festival in Chichester attracts visitors from April to November each year.

Sussex county in England

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The chalk coast between Eastbourne and Brighton

Nothing has changed on Sussex’s chalk coast between Eastbourne and Brighton, since Devil’s Chimney, a 150 meter high cliff, fell into the sea 20 years ago: No barriers, no barriers keep visitors from the sharp edges, not on the Seven Sisters cliffs nor at Beachy Head, the tallest chalk cliff in Great Britain at 162 meters.

Only the stairs that lead to the beach from above are firmly anchored. Visitors cannot expect more help; if you want to go to the Beachy Head lighthouse on the beach at low tide, you run at your own risk. As the owner of the area, the National Trust refuses to intervene in the longest natural limestone reef in Europe.

Visitors at Beachy Head, the highest chalk cliff in Great Britain at 162 meters

Visitors to Beachy Head, the tallest chalk cliff in Great Britain at 162 meters

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Prince Harry is a duke without a manor

It is a tradition of the British monarchy to give male descendants a duke title at wedding – and Prince Harry has been the Duke of Sussex since his marriage to Meghan Markle. Sounds like a win-win: The county is increasing its reputation, the Duke increasing its wealth.

However, no country, no castle, no appanage are attached to the title. And Duke Harry’s plan to do media and product marketing under the label “Royal Sussex” was banned by the Queen after the couple left – “Archewell Audio” is now the name of their new podcast.

Prince Harry has been the Duke of Sussex since his marriage to Meghan Markle

Prince Harry has been the Duke of Sussex since his marriage to Meghan Markle

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Traces of the Angles and Saxons in England

38 percent of the English in the southeast of the island have genetic material from the Angles and Saxons who immigrated from the mainland 1500 years ago in their gene pool. At that time, the Germanic tribes founded kingdoms like Sussex, which in Old English was called Suþseaxe, southern Saxony. According to the study by the University of Oxford, the gene traces of Romans and Normans are lower.

Living in Winnie the Pooh’s forest hut

It has been bookable since September 20, 2021 – Winnie the Pooh’s Hut in Ashdown Forest. The grove, now an East Sussex nature reserve, inspired AA Milnes 95 years ago. The writer, who himself lived on the edge of Ashdown Forest, placed the stories about the honey-sucking bear Winnie the Pooh and his friends Christopher Robin, Tigger, Ferkel and Eeyore there.

Every year over a million visitors come to the forest, where they search for the North Pole in the footsteps of their literary heroes, the enchanted clearing of Galleon’s Lap and Winnie the Pooh’s Bridge; the latter was recently auctioned for the equivalent of 154,000 euros, but should continue to be accessible to visitors.

Unusual accommodation in the woods: Winnie the Pooh's house is available for rent

Unusual accommodation in the forest: Winnie the Pooh’s house is available for rent

Source: © 2021 Airbnb, Inc./Henry Woide

Access to Winnie the Pooh’s house is available upon booking – the hideaway for four people, designed by Disney illustrator Kim Raymond, will be exclusive on Airbnb rented. If you book it, you live alone in the forest, like a bear – with kitchen shelves full of honey pots. On top of that, guides take guests to Winnie the Pooh’s favorite spots in the Hundred Acre Woods.

The quote

“There is a brilliant gray eminence in London and a dead man in Sussex”

Sherlock Holmes sums up the situation laconically that presents itself to him in the case of “The Valley of Fear”. It is the fourth and final novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. In total, Sussex played a role in six of 56 short stories about the master detective. Doyle also lets Holmes spend his old age in the county; the author himself lived in Crowborough (East Sussex) from 1907 until his death in 1930.

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