Switzerland to 30,000 companies: We may have to reduce electricity use this winter

Bloomberg reported that Switzerland will warn major companies that it may have to conserve electricity this winter to avoid widespread blackouts. Letters will be sent to 30,000 companies, each consuming more than 100,000 kilowatt-hours per year, from the Austral Crisis Management Organization for the sector.

She added that these companies may be asked to reduce consumption by 10% to 30% in the event of a shortage of electricity. “All major consumers have to provide a certain amount of electricity,” Austral said in the brochure to be distributed by the end of November.

The warning comes amid a shock to the energy sector globally caused by the presence of less than normal natural gas reserves. China has suffered from blackouts, forcing facilities to shut down or shut down, while gas and energy prices in Britain and Europe soar ahead of winter.

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