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2023-06-03 16:10:16

System Shock Remake: A chillingly realistic vision of the future

It’s the year 2023: The artificial intelligence attempts to seize control of humanity. But we are by no means talking about ChatGPT and Co. – SHODANdas Sentient Hyper-Optimized Data Access Network, wagt mit dem System Shock Remake after 30 years another attack on our species.

Even when automated chat bots, artificial-artistic intelligences such as Midjourney or – in a more distant sense – vacuum and floor mopping robots were still distant dreams of the future, which hardly anyone would have thought of in their actual form, the creative minds of the time already recognized them potential dangersthat can emanate from them. This is what they used as a material for chilling sci-fi scenarioswhich they in turn packaged in the guise of film and video game art in a sometimes more sometimes less creative way.

A true spawn of the AI ​​fear that has reigned for decades is SHODAN, the artificial intelligence responsible for the almost complete organization and surveillance of the Citadel Station, which we also find ourselves on in the remake. After we involuntarily free them from their “problematic” ethical restrictions at the beginning of the game, SHODAN goes completely insane and tries to take power over planet Earth and its inhabitants by force. And this is exactly what you need to prevent in System Shock.

Strong space setting with great attention to detail

Before starting the game for the first time, after I had adjusted a few controls in the menu for the volume, the graphic quality and the individual game sections separately definable level of difficulty I’m catapulted into one of the few cutscenes System Shock Remake has to offer. From the perspective of a kind of camera drone that carries me through the urban canyons of New Atlanta, past flying cars, I first learn a few basic key data on the radio Setting, in which I find myself. We write April of the year 2072 and with a maximum temperature of 28 degrees, celebrates TriOptimum Corporation the tenth anniversary of the Citadel Station – a flagship space station focused on robotics, artificial intelligence, and pharmaceutics.

First of all, a drone camera takes me on an exploratory tour.

Edward Diego, Vice President at TriOptimum, thanks all employees for a true milestone in human history, which has made self-sufficient living and working in orbit L6 of Saturn possible for a decade. A job advertisement follows for new employees who are motivated to push humanity even further with the help of research – the fact that these are ultimately nothing more than voluntary guinea pigs for SHODAN is of course concealed.

Arriving at the window of an apartment, I am thrown out of the drone view and find myself in the skin of an unnamed protagonist. Inside his apartment, I dare to take the first steps while I die retro sci-fi backdrop designed with great attention to detail admire. A lava lamp next to the bed provides warm light, while the cool posters on the walls, the handheld and an SNES-like game console (with the included “NES Zapper” cut – Nintendo’s gun-like shooter controller) invite you to spend some leisurely time.

Inviting retro vibes in a flattering high-gloss robe: The System Shock Remake can definitely do that

Inviting retro vibes in a flattering high-gloss robe: The System Shock Remake can definitely do that.

Intrigued by the truly beautiful sci-fi scenery, I explore the rest of my abode by right-clicking and interacting with its various elements. For example, I switch the stove on and off, wash the dishes in the kitchen or pull the instruments out of the Guitar Hero– or Rock Band-Series reminiscent of electric guitar some lovely sounds in 8bit. The motley, neon-colored environmental elements alone make the intro of the System Shock Remake a cyber cookie brimming with visual icing that you would love to snack on.

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