Taewon Choi “Find a methodology for the deep and short semiconductor cycle”

2024-01-04 07:07:00

SK Group Chairman Chey Tae-won visited the Icheon Campus, the headquarters of SK Hynix, for his first on-site management of the new year. Chairman Choi held a management meeting and said, “We need to learn from the recent market situation, which has never existed in history, and formulate a management plan and find business methods in line with the changes in the speed of the cycle, which has deepened the valley and shortened the cycle.”

SK Group Chairman Choi Tae-won (left) is listening to an explanation of HBM wafers and packages from management at the SK Hynix Icheon Campus R&D Center on the 4th./SK

According to SK Group, Chairman Choi discussed the growth drivers of the artificial intelligence (AI) memory field, such as high bandwidth memory (HBM), and this year’s management direction with key executives, including SK Hynix CEO Kwak No-jeong, at the Icheon Campus on this day.

Chairman Choi emphasized the importance of analyzing the macro environment surrounding the semiconductor industry as well as specific product product strategies. Chairman Choi said, “We need to create and examine cycle and business forecast models from various perspectives,” and “We need to understand the macro situation rather than just looking at specific product lines, and we need to look at the market from a differentiated market perspective, not just a global market.” .

Regarding the AI ​​semiconductor strategy, he emphasized a total solution approach for stakeholders in the global market, saying, “We need to understand and consider the investment and competitive situation from the customer’s perspective, such as big tech’s data center demand.”

Chairman Choi, who visited the Icheon Campus as his first on-site schedule of the new year, plans to visit ‘CES 2024’, the world’s largest home appliance IT exhibition, held in Las Vegas, USA next week. SK Hynix will exhibit related technologies at CES 2024 by exhibiting ultra-high-performance memory products, which are the core of AI infrastructure.

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