‘Ilta Scandal’ Noh Yoon-seo, “I will follow my mother to Japan” shocked declaration

[스포츠한국 김두연 기자] Noh Yoon-seo said she would go to Japan with her mother. In the tvN Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Ilta Scandal’, which aired on the 4th, Nam Hae-yi’s (Noh Yoon-seo) mother (Bae Hae-seon) interfered with Nam Haeng-seon’s (Jeon Do-yeon) family. Nam Hae-yi, who was angry at her mother for continuing interference and seeking … Read more

‘One Big Scandal’ Jung Kyung-ho “Jeon Do-yeon is not as good as I thought”

Photo = tvN capture [스포츠한국 조은애 기자] ‘One Big Scandal’ Jeon Do-yeon found out the identity of Jung Kyung-ho. In tvN’s ‘One Other Scandal’, which aired on the 21st, Haengseon Nam (Jeon Do-yeon) was drawn to know that Choi Chi-yeol (Jung Kyung-ho) was a math instructor. On this day, Haeng-seon Nam gave Choi Chi-yeol a … Read more