Wildlife and twenty-five poultry farms under surveillance to prevent the progress of avian flu in the Nièvre

Prudence and precaution, but no avian flu epidemic in the Nièvre for the moment. The Nièvre prefecture proceeded in two stages to define a temporary control zone. The first decision taken shortly before mid-January concerned eighteen municipalities in southern Nivernais after a barnacle goose carrying the virus was discovered on January 9 in Saint-Martin-des Lais, … Read more

A swan died of avian flu in Decize: 53 municipalities in the temporary control zone

The prefecture announces that the highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (HPAI) was identified on Friday, January 20, on a mute swan found dead in Decize. This is the first case reported in the department since the start of the epidemic. This virus, in active circulation in Europe through migratory birds or among native wildlife, is … Read more